Whisky Pubs Stockholm

Wirströms Pub in Stockholm has the largest Irish Whisky selection in Sweden/Scandinavia

Stora Nygatan 13, Stockholm in Gamla Stan  08-21 28 74 wirstromspub@telia.com
The last time I drank Whiskey here it was Daniel O'Connell, which is an Irish Whiskey I have never seen in a pub before, not a bad whiskey either!

Wirströms Whiskey Club

A Wirströms Whiskey Club Tasting is a memorable experience for any private party or corporate event. Wirströms Pub boasts the largest selection of whiskey in Stockholm as well as the expertise that should always accompany the elixer of life. You are always welcome to pick the brains of our knowledgable staff, but for an all-incompassing guided experience, consider our Whiskey Club Tastings.

At a Wirströms Whiskey Club Tasting, you are taken on a journey through history and sensual delights. Novices receive an introduction into the history, characteristics and processes of distilling and drinking whiskey, while seasoned drinkers can expect to refine their palates and delve into deep and esoteric topics of interest with our expert and fellow afficianados.

Bookings are currently taken for groups of 8 or more. If you would like to join a tasting on your own or with just a couple friends and meet fellow Whiskey lovers, check back soon as we will be scheduling open tastings in the near future.

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