Whisky Pubs Stockholm

Wirströms Pub in Stockholm has the largest Irish Whisky selection in Sweden/Scandinavia

Stora Nygatan 13, Stockholm in Gamla Stan  08-21 28 74 wirstromspub@telia.com
The last time I drank Whiskey here it was Daniel O'Connell, which is an Irish Whiskey I have never seen in a pub before, not a bad whiskey either!

Wirströms Whiskey Club

A Wirströms Whiskey Club Tasting is a memorable experience for any private party or corporate event. Wirströms Pub boasts the largest selection of whiskey in Stockholm as well as the expertise that should always accompany the elixer of life. You are always welcome to pick the brains of our knowledgable staff, but for an all-incompassing guided experience, consider our Whiskey Club Tastings.

At a Wirströms Whiskey Club Tasting, you are taken on a journey through history and sensual delights. Novices receive an introduction into the history, characteristics and processes of distilling and drinking whiskey, while seasoned drinkers can expect to refine their palates and delve into deep and esoteric topics of interest with our expert and fellow afficianados.

Bookings are currently taken for groups of 8 or more. If you would like to join a tasting on your own or with just a couple friends and meet fellow Whiskey lovers, check back soon as we will be scheduling open tastings in the near future.

Whisky Pubs Stockholm

Galways Irish Pub 08-24 75 42.
Kungsgatan 24 111 35 STOCKHOLM

This pub has some rare Irish Whiskey such as Millars

Whiskey Selection includes:

Irish whiskey

Black Bush, John Jameson, John Powers, Paddy, Tullamore Dew, Bushmills Malt, Connemara Peated Single Malt, John Jameson (1780 reserve)

Scotch whisky

Grant's, Cragganmore, Lagavulin, Oban, Talisker, Glenfiddich, The Macallan, Laphroaig

American whiskey

Jack Daniel's,Jim Beam, Southern Comfort

Other whiskey

Bell's, Ballantine's, J, Famous Grouse, Johnnie Walker (Red Label), Canadian Club, Black Velvet, Seagramm's VO, Johnnie Walker (Black Label), Chivas Regal

Whisky Pubs Stockholm

Shamrock Pub : 08-644 46 45
Folkungagatan 102, 116 30 Stockholm info@shamrock-bar.com
This pub has Whisky tastings.


Whisky Pubs Stockholm

The Southside Pub  08 669 5052
Hornsgatan 104,  117 26 Sthlm
This pub has good selections of Irish & Scotch. The Staff are pretty cool too.



Whisky Pubs Stockholm

The Limerick Pub 08-673 43 98
Tegnergatan 10 Stockholm, info@limerickpub.se

Irish Whiskey

BlackBush 20:-
Bushmill 10 yrs 22:-
Bushmill 16 yrs 29:-
Connemara 20:-
John Jameson 18:-
John Jameson 12 yrs 21:-
John Jameson 18 yrs 36:-
MillarsBlack Label 20:-
Powers Gold Label 20:-
Paddy 20:-
RedBreast 12 yrs 22:-
Tullamore Dew 18:-
Tyrconell 22:-
Kilbeggan 20:-

Malt Whisky, Single or Blends

Glenfiddich 12 yrs 22:-
Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve 12 yrs 27:-
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 yrs 31:-
Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 yrs 36:-
Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 yrs 66:-
Ardbeg 10 yrs 25:-
Auchentoshan 10 yrs 22:-
GlenDronach 12 yrs 25:-
Bowmore 12 yrs 25:-
Bunnahabhain 12 yrs 22:-
Cragganmore 12 yrs 25:-
Dalwhinnie 15 yrs 25:-
Glengoyne 10 yrs 23:-
Glenfarclas 10 yrs 23:-
Glenmorangie 10 yrs 25:-
Talisker 10 yrs 25:-
HighlandPark 12 yrs 24:-
HighlandPark 18 yrs 29:-
Isle of Jura 10 yrs 22:-
Isle of Jura Superstition 29:-
Lagavulin 16 yrs 29:-
Laphroaigh 10 yrs 25:-
Long Morn 15 yrs 25:-
Linkwood 15 yrs 30:-
Macallan 12 yrs 28:-
Macallan 18 yrs 38:-
Macallan 25 yrs 86:-
Oban 14 yrs 26:-
Springbank 10 yrs 38:-
The Balvenie 12 yrs 27:-
The Balvenie 15 yrs 42:-
The Glenlivet 12 yrs 24:-
Pig´s Nose 20:-
Sheep Dip 24:-


Johnny Walker Red 20:-
Johnny Walker Black 24:-
Chivas Regal 24:-
Famous Grouse 20:-
J & B 20:-
Jack Daniels 22:-
Jim Beam 20:-
Grants 18:-

Whisky Pubs Stockholm

O'Connells Irish Pub and Restaurant, Stockholm, 0 8 22 3070
Stora Nygatan 21,Gamla Stan, Stockholm
This Pub got Midleton Extra Rare, which is an amazing Irish whiskey