What's Wort?

What's Wort?
In any brewing process a combination of malted
and unmalted barley is mashed to produce ‘wort’
 - a barley and malt extract. In making whiskey - unlike
making beer, for example - the wort is not boiled, enabling the natural
enzymes present in the malt to continue their work during fermentation.
 This ensures that all the starch extracted from the grain is
available as sugar to the yeast.
This distiller’s wort now becomes the
fermentation medium into which the yeast is added. After a short time,
during which the yeast acclimatises itself to its rich environment, the
fermentation really takes off with the yeast producing alcohol and
copious quantities of carbon dioxide.  This carbon dioxide,
released during fermentation, gives the liquid quite a vigorous
appearance and helps to keep the medium agitated and the yeast in

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