Tullamore Dew’s Global Ambassador John Quinn part3

secrets/myths we should know about?

Tullamore Dew was originally big in Irish
Coffee, as people could try it as a desert, back in the day when
drinking alcohol was so strict in Scandinavia. Now of course people see
it for what it is – a truly wonderful whiskey

tips for people out there still searching for their right whisky?
trying a whiskey for the first time look for the most obvious flavours
in there and try to decide if those flavours are for you.
the Whiskey first. Take water in it, about 30% water, and 70% Whiskey
to bring up the taste. Look for sweetness, flowers, Citrus fruits,
spiciness, and note the vanilla taste from the wood.
Which whisky is your favourite and what do you
look for in a whisky?
I like the 12 years old Tullamore Dew variant.
Big content of malt and pot still, creaminess, and sherry casks, its
got a wonderful roundness.
What gives your
its unique taste? Why Irish whiskies so tasty?
The triple distillation gives us a very fresh
yet smooth taste while the triple blend of Grain, Pot Still and Malt
give us a lovely balance of fruit and spice, while the wood offers up a
delicious vanilla finish.
Tullamore with other Irish Whiskies?
As an
Irish Whiskey Tullamore Dew is already very smooth and showing a light
fruitiness. The presence of a green apple taste separates it from
others in the category, particularly when this green apple lingers to
bring in the light spice (cinnamon even) which follows.

whiskeys have their own flavor characteristics and Tullamore
Dew’s certainly stand out for me – but then I would
say that, wouldn’t I?

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