Tullamore Dew’s Global Ambassador John Quinn part2

Can you tell us the history behind the Tullamore Dew?
The distillery was first built in 1829 by Michael Molloy but Daniel Edmond Williams (D.E.W) took it over in 1873. He began working aged 14 as a grain store boy during which time he slept in the loft at the mill house. 11 years later he was running it on behalf of the then owner Capt. Bernard Daly who had a greater interest in horses than whiskey.

Daniel was a giver to the people of Tullamore, He brought electricity, and the first motorised vehicle to Tullamore. He had 26 stores in Tullamore and started exporting Whiskey in early 1900’s.
In the 1950’s Tullamore Dew struggled along with all the Irish Distilleries.. There was a marriage between the Williams and O’Reilly families (The O’Reilly’s were direct descendants of John Power whose famous whiskey was Powers Gold Label). There was also a takeover by the Powers family of the Tullamore Dew business.
It was decided that Powers would be retained for the domestic Irish market whereas Tullamore Dew would be the flagship export brand for the company. Tullamore Dew, now owned by William Grants & Sons is the world’s second largest selling Irish Whiskey selling close to 8 million bottles a year.

Is there anything unique with Tullamore Dew?
Tullamore Dew is a blend of three styles of Irish Whiskey, Grain Whiskey, Malt Whiskey and Pot Still Whiskey. In Ireland we use Malted and unmalted barley to make Pot-Still whiskey. Pot-Still whiskey is unique to Ireland. This blend of three makes Tullamore Dew it different from other Irish Whiskeys. The Whiskey has a smooth complexity that separates it from the others. 

What’s the aim/ goal of the Tullamore Dew?
Our aim is to challenge for the no.1 Irish Whiskey position. Our target drinker is most likely male aged 30-40, in central Europe possible its 25 upwards.

 Is the export market an important market, countries Sweden in particular?
Yes, It’s massively important. Germany is our biggest market. And the Czech Republic, where with 25% market share we represent one in four whiskies sold. Sweden is a very significant market for us and I’m happy to say Tullamore Dew is the largest selling Irish Whiskey in Sweden.

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