Old Kilbeggan Distillery

Kilbeggan Distillery

to the home of the Award Winning Kilbeggan Irish whiskey –
the authentic taste of Ireland.

on the Brosna River in Co. Westmeath is the Old Kilbeggan Distillery
– the home of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey. Opened back in 1757,
the Old Kilbeggan Distillery is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery
in the world. A lot happens in 250 years but one thing has stood the
test of time – the quality of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey.

the stories and the people behind Kilbeggan Irish whiskey. See for
yourself how the distillery and its whiskey have survived and thrived
for over 250 years, proof that the Independent Spirit of Ireland is
alive and well. Enjoy the site and don’t forget to drop in to
see us at the Old Kilbeggan Distillery next time you are in our


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Altaf said...

I requested four containers of whisky from the Whisky Exchange and have quite recently gotten a letter from traditions with $144AUD worth of obligation payable... Is there any method for dodging the obligation? It appears the Whisky Exchange announced the substance as liquor, so clearly, it would be gotten at traditions. Did anybody demand them to change the depiction of substance to keep away from recognition?
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