Jennifer Graham Cooley’s Newest Ambassador

Why should a whiskey taster try them?
Because they're so different. Irish whiskey is smoother than whiskies from other countries due to our constant climate. Most Irish whiskeys triple distil their liquids. What's different about Cooley is that we double distil which means there is more flavour left in our whiskeys as every time you distil you are purifying a liquid and therefore taking out flavour. In double distilling that flavor is left in the liquid. This is particularly evident in our Kilbeggan blended whiskey which if you compare to other Irish blends, will have a lot more flavour coming through but is just as smooth; a smoothness you don't get with Scotch whiskies.

Greenore is so unusual being the only Irish single grain. A really lint whiskey that appeals to younger demographics with it's smooth sweet taste profile.
Of course Connemara is a particularly special one being the only Irish Peated whiskey. It is the one that is getting most attention here in Sweden as people look twice when they see "Peated" and "Irish" in he same sentence! It has the smoothness of an Irish with the smokiness usually associated with a scotch. It's our biggest and most award winning range.  That's another point actually, just look at the awards Cooley has won and that is enough incentive in itself to try them!

What advice would you give to someone starting out trying whiskies?
I would advise them to start off with something light. Not a single malt or certainly not a Peated single malt. Something like Greenore is perfect to start with. Then you can move up to a blend which obviously has a malt content and then the single malts and Peated whiskeys. In my tastings that's always he order I do them in.

How do you find the Swedes regarding their knowledge and taste concerning whiskies?
Swedes love their smoky whiskey. They're seriously into it which is why Connemara is doing so well here. I do find that they are quite shy though and are slow to engage in my master classes. I'm not that scary am I?

What advice would you give more experienced whisky drinkers?
Don't brush off Irish whiskey as being too smooth and light for you. At least try Tyrconnell and Connemara and let them convince you to try the rest of the Cooley range. 

What’s the important thing to focus on when sampling whiskey?
Sometimes I find it's good to close your eyes so that your other senses are heightened. Spend time nosing the whiskey. You will get different smells from far away than up close so play around. Tasting isn't everything!

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