Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador Ludovic Ducrocq part3

the aim/ goal of the Distillery?
Grant was born in Speyside where he became a distiller and subsequently
a blender. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he chose to create a whisky which
would embody the style of that region. Today, our company’s
sixth Master Blender, Brian Kinsman, faithfully aims to create a
Speyside-style whisky, i.e. a sweet, rich, honeyed and fruity blend
with the faintest hint of smoke.
us through the Distilling process at your Distillery,
whisky is a blend of the two types of whisky distilled in Scotland
– malt and grain whisky. Malt whisky is made from barley and
is distilled in pot stills, while grain whisky is made from barley,
wheat or maize and is distilled in column stills. Both types have
distinctive aromas and it is our Master Blender’s task to
select up to 30 of the best single grain and malt whiskies to create
our perfectly balanced house style.
the birth of a blend?
our Master Blender, will request for samples to be drawn from a number
of casks from as many as 30 different distilleries. These samples will
join 13,000 others in his blending room and after trying a number of
options, 2 or 3 different taste profiles will be submitted to the
company’s nosing panel for review. If a taste profile clearly
stands out, Brian will request additional samples to be drawn so he can
create the same taste on a larger scale. Depending on the age and the
volume needed, Brian will select several hundred casks from the 2.5
million at his disposal and these casks will be emptied in Girvan. A
sample of the blend will be sent to Brian who will approve or tweak his
recipe before the final blend is given time to marry. It will
eventually be filtered and bottled in Glasgow.

the export market an important market, countries Sweden in particular?

UK is an important market but we do export our whisky to every country
in the world. Sweden is especially interesting because I
don’t know of any other market with more whisky societies!
Grant’s already enjoys a 10% share of the Swedish Scotch
market and continues to grow. No doubt you will see more of me in your
region in the years to come.

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