Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador Ludovic Ducrocq part4

secrets/myths we should know about?
I am
often asked about our ‘secret recipe’. The truth
is, there is no such recipe, certainly not in the sense of a list of
all the whiskies which are needed to create our house style. Our Master
Blender is only the sixth in our company’s history and he was
trained for eight years before he was allowed to take over our blend.
He uses his experience and nose to select around 25 whiskies, which
when blended will produce our taste profile. Different batches may not
contain the same whiskies but they should taste the same. A humbling
job indeed! 
it distilled like the regular whiskies?
Girvan single grain is the only Scotch whisky distilled under vacuum,
making it particularly crisp, sweet and fruity. It is a key component
in our blend.
tips for people out there still searching for their right whisky?
 I would
recommend visiting a whisky show or a good bar and ask for advice based
on what you currently like. If you like vodka, beer or wine, there is a
whisky out there for you!
whisky is your favourite and what do you look for in a whisky?
are very few whiskies I don’t like but for me a good whisky
is a balanced whisky. It takes a lot more skills and expertise to
create a harmonious blend of flavours than a whisky dominated by one or
two aromas.
whisky its
unique taste?
are often regarded as whisky’s fourth ingredient and I
believe it is the most important one in our case. 5 generations of the
same family have passed down their skills from father to son and from
blender to blender. Ultimately, our whisky has a Speyside style because
that’s what William Grant wanted and it is our Master
Blender’s responsibility to look after our uniquely balanced
taste profile.


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