Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador Ludovic Ducrocq part2

good Whisky has a story, what’s the story behind
is Scotland’s oldest and most successful family-owned blended
whisky but fame did not happen overnight. William
Grant’s son-in-law,
Gordon, started simply by knocking on doors, laden with samples of
William’s carefully crafted whisky.
the 181st call he secured his first sale. After a further 503 he landed
the second. From then on, things became easier.
son, John, then introduced Grant’s whisky to the wider world
by exporting it to the Hudson Bay Company of Canada. With this,
Grant’s worldwide adventure had begun.
1909, Charles spent a year taking Grant’s to Australia and
the Far East. At the start of his epic 12-month journey, Charles wrote
in his notebook:
things must yield to industry and time. None cease to rise but those
who cease to climb.”
moved quickly and by 1914, Grant’s fame had spread and the
company had over 60 representatives in 30 countries. The famous
triangular bottle was introduced in 1956 and by the time the family
built their own single grain distillery in 1963, the fifth generation
was already born, ready to lead Grant’s whisky into the 21st
century. Today, almost 2 bottles of Grant’s are enjoyed every
second around the world.
there anything unique with your Distillery?
As a
family business, we like to do things differently. For example,
Grant’s Ale Cask Edition, which was introduced in 2001 is the
only Scotch whisky matured in beer casks. It’s crisp, fruity,
floral and honey. I thoroughly recommend it as a pre-dinner drink!

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