Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador Ludovic Ducrocq part1

details on your role & title?

work as a Global Ambassador for Grant’s whisky.
It’s a diverse role which mostly consists of travelling the
world to help whisky enthusiasts or the media understand where all the
flavours in our whisky come from. I also sit on our company nosing
panels, write a blog ( and lead a team of local
is your background?
I was
born in France and joined William Grant & Sons shortly after
graduating 12 years ago. I initially worked as a Tour Guide before
becoming a Team Leader within our Visitor Centre in Dufftown. I then
travelled for 5 years as a Global Ambassador for our single malt and
joined our blended whisky team in 2009.
long have you worked with the Distillery?
I am
William Grant & Sons’ longest serving ambassador. I
joined the company in 2000.
Whiskies are you working with?
represent Scotland’s oldest family-owned blended whisky
– Grant’s. Our range includes the world’s
most popular family-owned Scotch whisky – The Family Reserve;
the only Scotch whisky matured in beer casks – Ale Cask
Edition; and a 25-year-old whisky which was recently voted by Jim
Murray as his favourite blend over 19 years.

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