John Jameson - A Whiskey Legend is Born

A Whiskey Legend is Born
On a bright Tuesday morning on October 5th
1740, John Jameson was born and the first chapter in a whiskey legend
began. Now, it’s a fact that most people believe John Jameson
was an Irishman, through and through. You and I, of course, know they
are wrong. He was born in Scotland.
Ah, but it’s an easy mistake to make and the Irish were quick
to adopt him as one of their own. As the saying goes, he became more
Irish than the Irish themselves.
It was a great thing to be working in the Old
Jameson Distillery in the 1780s. You not only got the best wages and
working conditions, you also got to drink with the boss. You see John
wasn't one of those aloof, out of touch businessmen. He was happy to
share his time, his profits and his whiskey with every single worker.
All this made for better whiskey too; after
all, loyalty ensures quality.

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