Joel Katzenstein ( speaking at WHISKYEXPO 2012 Linköping)

Joel Katzenstein 

As Guardian Of The Glenlivet, you are welcome to a culinary whiskey tasting with Brand Ambassador Joel Katzenstein.
We will try a number of dishes matched with The Glenlivet. The dishes are designed together with Pernod Ricard´s chefs have created a food and whiskey trip where meals and whiskeys paired to give you a rarely perceived taste sensation.

Oysters makes the 12-year-old into a real tough guy. Salmon makes Nàdurra to shine, the whiskey flowing with seductive citrus. A little water in the glass resulting a soft tune with Svecia cheese. 18-year-old also likes cheese. Blue cheese makes whiskey soft and casual, goat cheese makes the hot-headed powerful. Cinnamon bun, taco elicits exceedingly sherry in 21-year-old, a wonderful good combination.

We will also try a sort that is not in the ordinary range.

To participate, you must be a member of The Glenlivet Guardian. Become a member by visiting our booth or visit:

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