WHISKY EXPO 2012 Linköping

WHISKY EXPO 2012 Linköping

Friday 3 Feb 17-24
Friday between 17-19 ladies only!
Saturday 4 Feb - 2012 12-17 & 18-23

Linköping: Bokhandeln - Ikanohuset,
Vinland - Västra vägen, Bishop Arms - Ågatan
Mjölby på Stadshotellet,


Learn about whisky  
Try and taste!  
Hundreds of different whisky brands  
Mingle and have a good time

Joel Katzenstein ( speaking at WHISKYEXPO 2012 Linköping)

Joel Katzenstein 

As Guardian Of The Glenlivet, you are welcome to a culinary whiskey tasting with Brand Ambassador Joel Katzenstein.
We will try a number of dishes matched with The Glenlivet. The dishes are designed together with Pernod Ricard´s chefs have created a food and whiskey trip where meals and whiskeys paired to give you a rarely perceived taste sensation.

Oysters makes the 12-year-old into a real tough guy. Salmon makes Nàdurra to shine, the whiskey flowing with seductive citrus. A little water in the glass resulting a soft tune with Svecia cheese. 18-year-old also likes cheese. Blue cheese makes whiskey soft and casual, goat cheese makes the hot-headed powerful. Cinnamon bun, taco elicits exceedingly sherry in 21-year-old, a wonderful good combination.

We will also try a sort that is not in the ordinary range.

To participate, you must be a member of The Glenlivet Guardian. Become a member by visiting our booth or visit: www.theglenlivet.com/guardians

Meeting The Whisky Icons

Meeting The Whisky Icons
One thing has stuck me whenever I meet the
Whisky Icons, and that is how down to earth they are. Many of them only
got into the whisky sector because of their love and respect for
Whisky. Some have said “ I never got into Whisky for the
Many of the British Whisky Icons got involved
in Whisky from an early age. Some began working as young as 18-years in
a distillery. Which I find remarkable, considering it’s a
more mature person’s drink.

BunnahabhainSingle Islay Malt 12

BunnahabhainSingle Islay Malt 12


Whisky Messen 14 April Denmark

The Danish Whiskyfair - Whiskymessen

The Whisky Fair is at Fredericia MesseC(Arena) and this will be the setting for the danishwhisky fair, it is placed in the central part of Juttland. The fair is held on Saturday - April 14 th. 2012 from 9 am – 7 pm.

"Based on the experiences from the success with the whisky fair in the last 10 years, we looking forward to a great whisky fair in our new location –more then 4000 square feet –in "MesseC"(arena) www.messec.dk
We are expecting around 3000 visitors"says Ulrik Bertelsen, Press-coordinator for the NBO-Group I/S.
At the fair there will be various competitions and lectures held by leading whisky experts from in and out of the country. It will be possible to hear live bag-pipe music, meet real Highland Cattle and experience many other things related to whisky.
Maybe more interesting, it will be possible to taste more than 500 different kinds of whisky. You can also have a chat with the whisky experts from Scotland. Tickets-including tasting glass and access from 9 am to 8 pm.
"We hope that everybody with preference for good quality whisky will visit the whisky fair." remarked Ulrik Bertelsen.
Please visit www.whiskymessen.dk, or write any questions to info@whiskymessen.dk. Tickets are available at www.whiskymessen.dk. Session: 9 am to 7 pm 295,-danish kroner + fee (39,-kroner). You can also buy your ticket at the entrance.
No admittance will be granted to anyone under 18 years old – this includes children in pushchairs and babes in arms. No pets allowed. Last pours 20 minutes before the end of the show. Please drink responsibly

Vinordic 2012, 25-27 April!

Vinordic 2012, 25-27 April!


Vinordic - Northern Europe's leading and most important meeting place for the drinks industry. We'll see you on 25-27 April, 2012 in Stockholm - the capital of Sweden.
In 2010 we had a total of 12,943 visitors and 452 companies represented (direct and indirect).
The market turns over 900 billion SEK and employs 135,000 people in Sweden alone. And don't forget that GastroNord have an important and exciting bakery section throughout the week at the Stockholm International Fairs - for total synergy.

The theme for 2012 is not yet settled.


Black  Bottle


Jameson Reserves

Jameson Reserves
believe that their whiskey brings people together! In fact they believe
that their Jameson Reserves in particular, are a perfect example of how
working together can achieve superb results. The Reserves have their
origin in the world class craftsmanship and on-going collaboration of
their 3 Masters, "a meeting of minds to create something unique, to be
enjoyed by people who love whiskey".

Smoothness of Jameson

Jameson Irish Whiskey is distilled three times
to deliver exceptional smoothness.
Triple distillation is what makes us unique to
American Whiskeys, which are typically only distilled once, and Scotch
whiskies, which are usually distilled twice. This tradition began in
1780 with the Great Master Distiller John Jameson, who worked out that
three distillations was best for his Jameson Irish Whiskey.

David Quinn - Master of Whiskey Science

David Quinn - Master of Whiskey Science
Jameson Irish Whiskey is world renowned for its
reliably smooth and accessible taste. One of the key reasons for the
extraordinary success of Jameson Irish Whiskey around the globe is its
super-smooth, perfectly balanced taste. This can be attributed to Dave
Quinn, Master of Whiskey Science at the Midleton Single Distillery.
Dave ensures that all of the key Jameson elements come together to
create the renowned and unmistakable Jameson taste. You could say Dave
has made a career out of being smooth- which is every bit as great as
it sounds!

John Jameson - A Whiskey Legend is Born

A Whiskey Legend is Born
On a bright Tuesday morning on October 5th
1740, John Jameson was born and the first chapter in a whiskey legend
began. Now, it’s a fact that most people believe John Jameson
was an Irishman, through and through. You and I, of course, know they
are wrong. He was born in Scotland.
Ah, but it’s an easy mistake to make and the Irish were quick
to adopt him as one of their own. As the saying goes, he became more
Irish than the Irish themselves.
It was a great thing to be working in the Old
Jameson Distillery in the 1780s. You not only got the best wages and
working conditions, you also got to drink with the boss. You see John
wasn't one of those aloof, out of touch businessmen. He was happy to
share his time, his profits and his whiskey with every single worker.
All this made for better whiskey too; after
all, loyalty ensures quality.