Bushmills Original

Blended Whiskey
Producer Old Bushmills
Available  in Sweden since

Alcohol content 40.0%
Use Serve at room temperature.
Taste fruity flavor with hints of barrels, straw, pears, orange peel and vanilla.
Dark colour, yellow colour.
Supplier Diageo Sweden AB

Scent nuanced nose with hints of barrel, bitter orange, straw, apricot, pear and vanilla.
Manufacturing / vinification This whiskey is blended from malt whiskey from Bushmills and Irish grain whiskey. Irish whiskey must be produced and stored in Ireland. Like the Scotch, the minimum retention period is three years in oak casks with a capacity not exceeding 700 litres, before the alcohol may be called whiskey.
The producer Bushmills Distillery was founded in the 1608th
Other word whiskey comes from the Gaelic uisce Beatha, which means water of life. Whiskey origin is less clear, but much indicates that it was Irish monks who in 1400 first distilled un hopped beer. Whisky can be manufactured anywhere in the world, but the most famous countries of origin is Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada. In Britain and Canada, one writes whisky while in Ireland and the U.S. one writes whiskey.


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