One More Beer & Whisky festival in Örebro!

One more beer and whisky festival in Örebro!On 18-19 November 2011, Fri - Sat:13:00-23:00)  it is time for Örebro Beer & Whisky Festival at Conventum Arena. It is the fourth time Örebro has a beer and whiskey festival and for the past years success as the festival is here to stay. This positive reputation has spread.

What’s happening?As visitors walk around and buy tasting, ranging from 10 cl beer to whiskey 2 cl. Then we have a number of beer and whiskey tastings, master classes and various seminars.
The festival will also host competitions ie. Best Christmas beer, festival best beer and best whiskey.

Food at the festival?At Convent Arena, you have several different options for eating. Not only can you enjoy a meal on top of the Arena Balcony, try something from our various fast food concept or even a snack in the café.

Other stuff!The aim of the festival is that visitors should have extended knowledge of beer and whiskey, and that there should be a festive event.

Winners of last year's fair were:
The festival's best whiskey over 18 - Caol Ila 1984 - Berry's Brews, imported by Clydesdale
The festival's best smoky whiskey max 18 years - Ardbeg Supernova - Moët Hennessy
The festival's top non-smoky whiskey max 18 years - Engelbrecht 10 years - Bergslagen Distillery
The festival's best Stock - Federal Lager - Sigtuna Brygghus
The festival's Best Ale - Scottish Strong - Sigtuna Brygghus
The festival's best Porter Stout - wa keg Greatness sports - Narke Culture Brewery
The festival's best wheat beer - Aying Ur-Weisse - Aying, imported by the Brill & Co.
The festival's best Christmas beer - Julnarren - Craft Brewers

Why a festival?We believe that our event will attract visitors who do not normally go on the beer and whiskey festivals. One reason is that the festival hall is located in central Örebro. Another reason is that we profile ourselves as a festival for the general public.
It turns out that the interest in beer and whiskey has increased in recent years. It started more and more micro-breweries and importers broaden their whiskey and beer portfolio.
Another reason why we have a festival in Örebro is that we have received very good support from many importers and brewers who are happy to exhibit at our festival.

Who are the exhibitors?We will have about 50 exhibitors including are micro-breweries, whiskey and beer importer, master brewer, whiskey principals and a variety of chocolates and delicatessen business. One of the exhibitors include: Narke Culture Brewery which has won several awards for the best Porter as

Who else might be there?
Hopefully Top Beer & Whisky magazine,
Pub & Pints magazine, blogs

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