Meet Fintan Collier- Jameson’s Newest Ambassador

Meet Fintan Collier- Jameson’s Newest Ambassador

Here are some questions I put to him;

Where are you from?
I’m from the city of dreams or otherwise known as Carlow. About one hour south of Dublin, it’s the second smallest county in Ireland but is renowned for its nightlife and beautiful scenery. Rural Ireland at its best, it’s impossible to walk down the street without running into people you know.

What are your first impressions of Sweden?
My first impressions of Stockholm are the amazing architecture that frames this beautiful city. Along with the charming aesthetics of city, I was over whelmed by Sweden’s huge words and tiny car-parks but overall I have a great first impression. I have however been forewarned about the unyielding winter.

What do you think of the Irish Pubs in Sweden, have you visited many yet?
I’ve been to a few Irish pubs and they’re quite similar to bars you’d find around our Temple bar area in Dublin. I was impressed by the large selection of both whiskies and beers in many of the pubs I visited but I still have a bit more exploring to do on the pub scene.

Which whiskies do you work with?
I work with a few different whiskies, most notably Jameson and the Jameson Reserve Collection. Also I work with Paddy, Powers and the Single Pot Still collection which includes Redbreast 12 YO, Redbreast15 YO and the Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, all of which have been a huge success in Sweden.

What can you tell us about them?
Jameson is the number one selling Irish whiskey globally and famous the world over for its smooth taste. Jameson is a perfectly balanced whiskey and the rest of the Jameson collection capitalises on different components of Pot Still whiskey and seasoned barrels to give each whiskey a different character and taste experience.
Both Paddy and Powers have a slightly maltier taste with Paddy giving a soft, crisp flavour, and Powers a more full bodied experience.
Redbreast 12 YO, Redbreast 15 YO and the Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy are all part of the Single Pot Still range which means they are made from only Pot Still whiskey and this gives them a more robust and assertive nose and taste.
Any funny stories behind them?
There are some interesting stories behind how some of the whiskies got their names, for example the Redbreast got its name because the Manager of the distillery back in 1903 was a keen bird watcher. Paddy whiskey used to be called Cork Distilleries Whiskey but one of their sales representatives, Paddy Flaherty was such a huge charismatic character that bars and shops would mail Cork Distillery back then and say they wanted some of Paddy’s whiskey and so the name has stuck to this very day.

Why should a whisky taster try them?
Irish whiskey offers a unique taste experience from that of Scotch or Bourbon for many reasons which we pride ourselves on in the production process. In my experience whiskey connoisseurs are always looking for something new and different and Irish whiskey is just that and more. From the malted and un-malted barley which give both sweet biscuit flavours and spicy creamy tastes. To the smokeless fuel, and closed kilns we use to malt our barley which gives it a distinctly different taste to that of Scotch. Also the blend of Pot Still whiskey which gives the spicy robust flavour and especially in the Single Pot Still collection where only pot still whiskey is used. All of these characteristics give whiskey connoisseurs something different to excite the senses.

 What advice would you give to someone starting out trying whiskies?
One of the best things I’d tell a new found whiskey fanatic to do would be to go along to a whiskey fair or a specialist whiskey or malt bar and try as many small samples as they can before investing in bottles. Each whiskey has so much character and they will not know what they like until they’ve experienced many different varieties. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first.

 How do you find the Swedes regarding their knowledge and taste concerning whiskies?
The Swedes have huge knowledge when it comes to whiskey and they have a huge love for smoky whiskies. In Ireland instead of a smoky taste we have spiciness, especially in the Single Pot Still collection. When Swedes want that extra kick in their whiskey I think they often underestimate an Irish whiskey but I think we have that extra punch they want from our Pot Still whiskey addition.

 What advice would you give more experienced whisky drinkers?
 The best advice I could give an experienced whiskey drinker would be to go visit a distillery. It’s not until you visit a distillery and take in all the smells and flavours from each stage of the production process that you can really appreciate a whiskey and understand how many levels of character and flavour each whiskey has. Also the angel share aroma in a maturation warehouse is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever encounter.

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