Isle Of Arran Whisky

Meet Euan Mitchell, The Managing Director for Isle Of Arran Distillers.
Our distillery is on the Island. Ours was the first legal distillery on the Island. There has been a few illegal ones in the mean time. Ewan McGregor opened the first cask in warehouse of distillery three years afterwards and he still has a cask in the cellar!

Please tell our readers your back ground and how long have you been involved with Isle Of Arran

What are the major developments within your distillery?
Regular Arran is unpeated single malt.
We make a small batch of peated Arran called Machrie Moor and have 1500 bottles released. Typical Arran fruity baked apples, cinnamon and spice. Nose I not immediately apparent, not heavy it comes afterwards. Relatively young light medium bodied.
Note- We bottle at 465 alcohol, we don’t chill before bottling filter. No artificial colouring.

Can you tell us the story behind some of the main whiskies, their inspiration etc?
The Arran Malt- Malted barley completely air dried. No smokiness double distilled. Three basic ingredients by law, yeast barley and water. The water we source from Loch na Davie
Taste- Fruity characters whisky calvador. Spicy after taste peppery. Oily on the palate.

Which whisky are you currently working with, and what’s happening there?
Arran Malt 10-years. You can order it as the Swedish monopoly.

What makes Scotch Whisky so special?
Why should someone try your whiskies?
Their very approachable in style, something to suit everyone. Arran is great for people new to single malt whisky.

Anything else you want to tell us?
This story shows whisky irony. Our former distiller was Gordon Mitchel, the man who went to Ireland and made a peated Whisky. Here returned to us and made a non peated one.

What advice would you give a whisky novice?
Learn with a whisky book in one hand and a glass in the other. There’s a huge range of flavours so something will appeal.

What advice would you give an experienced whisky drinker?
It’s easy to be seduced by the heavily peated whiskies, but don’t forget the others and keep an open mind.
Arran Single Malt is a Single Malt Scotch whisky distilled by the Arran Distillery, Lochranza, Scotland, the only distillery on the Isle of Arran. Arran Distillery was founded in 1995 and is the first legal distillery built on the Isle of Arran in over 150 years.
The distillery of the Isle of Arran was founded by Harold Currie, former director of Chivas. There used to be about fifty distilleries on the island, but most of them were "moonlight" or illegal distilleries. The most recent legally founded distillery on Arran, called 'Lagg', closed in 1837.
Until recently a proportion of the casks were stored in the warehouses of Springbank, due to a lack of room in the distillery, and the legal impossibility of extending the current warehouses at the Arran distillery. However, the distillery now has a revolutionary storage warehouse, on site that allows easier access to barrels. The distillery offers a cask purchase scheme which offers private individuals the opportunity to own their own cask of whisky, which can be stored on site at the distillery.
The Arran Distillery is a patron of the World Burns Federation and as such has created a Robert Burns Single Malt and Robert Burns Blended Whisky in honour of Scotland's National Poet. They are the only whisky distillery to be able to use the image and signature of Robert Burns on their packaging.
The whisky of Arran is mostly used to produce their Single Malt Whisky, but a small proportion also goes into the production of their range of blended whiskies : Lochranza Blend, Robert Burns Blend and Arran Gold Single Malt Whisky Cream Liqueur.
The Arran Distillery is now owned by a group of private shareholders and the Managing Director is Euan Mitchell. 2010 saw the release of a 15th Anniversary bottling on the occasion of the Distillery Open Day on 3 July. Autumn 2010 also saw the release of the first official 14 year-old to be released by the Distillery. The first peated Arran Single Malt (called Machrie Moor) is now available since December 8, 2010.

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