Michael Jackson Books & Awards

André Simon Award
Winner of the Glenfiddich Trophy, a British prize for culinary writers.
Honorary officer of the Ridderschap van de Roerstok, a Belgian award.
The Gold Tankard of the British Guild of Beer Writers, given for his CD-Roms
Columnist of the Year from the North American Guild of Beer Writers
Winner James Beard Award, 2006
Keeper of the Quaich; Master of the Quaich (Scotch Whisky industry award)
Holder of the Haarikka ("haarikanhaltija" in Finnish) 1995 (Finnish Sahti Association award)
First recipient of the US Achievement Award of the Institute for Fermentation Studies.

Selective bibliography
Jackson, Michael (1976). The English Pub
Jackson, Michael (1977). The World Guide to Beer
Jackson, Michael (1986). Pocket Guide to Beer
Jackson, Michael (1987). The World Guide to Whisky
Jackson, Michael (1988). New World Guide to Beer (Updated)
Jackson, Michael (1991). Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium Jackson, Michael (1997). Michael Jackson's Beer Companion
Jackson, Michael (1998) Ultimate Beer
Jackson, Michael (1998) Little Book on Beer
Jackson, Michael; Lucas, Sharon (ed.) (1999). Michael Jackson's complete guide to Single Malt Scotch (fourth ed.). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Running Press Book Publishers. Jackson, Michael; Lucas, Sharon (ed.) (2000). Michael Jackson's Great Beer Guide. DK ADULT.
Jackson, Michael (2001). Scotland and its Whiskies
Jackson, Michael (2004). The Malt Whisky Companion, Penguin Books 2004 ISBN 13: 9781405302340 ISBN 10: 1405302348
Jackson, Michael (2005). Bar and Cocktail Party Book
Jackson, Michael (2005). Whisky
Jackson, Michael (2007). Tyskie Vademecum Piwa (The Tyskie Beer Compendium), promotional book, Polish language
The Beer Hunter (1995), a CD-ROM about the American beer culture
World Beer Hunter (1996), a CD-ROM on beer cultures around the world.

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