Michael Collins Single Malt

Wirströms Pub in Stockholm is an Irish style pub with the largest selection of Irish Whiskey in Sweden. So it might be the only Pub in Sweden where you will find this tasty whiskey. I found it an enjoyable whiskey

Robust and complex, with a subtle peatiness, Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt is double distilled for proper balance of purity and character, then matured in small bourbon seasoned casks for a minimum of ten years.
Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt has a slightly sweet nose that is rich and complex with hints of ripe fruit, meadow flowers and peat. Clean and smooth, the dry-to-medium finish has a lingering light smokiness that is made to savour.
How It's Made Single Malt
Crafting an authentically Irish whiskey is about preserving culture and honouring tradition, capturing the spirit of Ireland, the heritage of the land and the character of the people.

1. Local Ingredients
Each batch begins with the finest of ingredients; soft and pure fresh spring water from the mountainside of Slieve na gCloc and locally harvested Spring barley.

2. Malted Barley
Barley is the key to Irish whiskey. For the crafting of a truly authentic Irish whiskey—full of complex aromas and flavours—all the barley in Michael Collins Whiskeys is malted using the traditional method.

3. Peated Malted Barley
To create the unique flavor profile of Michael Collins Single
Malt, a portion of the malted barley is dried over peat
fires—an ancient practice revived by Cooley,
which is the only distillery in Ireland
using this technique today.

4 Double Distillation
Michael Collins Whiskeys are unique among Irish whiskeys as the malted barley is distilled twice—and only twice—in small, long-necked copper pot stills, allowing for considerably more contact between the copper and the spirit. This process, combined with longer distillation time, removes impurities while preserving the flavours and aromas of the premium ingredients, resulting in a more refined whiskey.

It takes three years of aging for a whiskey to be authentically Irish.
Michael Collins Single Malt is aged in small bourbon-seasoned casks for a
minimum of 10 years to develop their distinctive, more flavourful and complex characteristics. Through the cool summers and mild winters of Ireland, the
casks rest in an 18th century granite warehouse to allow the whiskeys
to age evenly as they develop their smoothly interesting style.

Truly a liquid art form, whiskey blending requires skill, knowledge and experience. Michael Collins Whiskeys
are the work of a world-renowned, award-winning
Master Blender who marries malt Irish whiskeys with
peated malt Irish whiskeys to create the lightly peated
style of Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt

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