Irish Clontarf Whiskey- Some New something Old

When you hear the word "Irish," it may conjure up certain images: green rolling hills dotted with sheep, cable-knit sweaters and fair-freckled cheeks. Those are all well and good, if you're drinking tea.

A new generation has arrived and there's no wool in site. Introducing the new-fashioned approach to Irish whiskey, Clontarf Whiskey, The New Irish. Triple distilled and aged to smooth perfection, it's an old craft with a modern personality.
" The New Irish " means new ideas and new expectations. Clontarf Irish Whiskey delivers. An Irish wake means making waves and an Irish jig has more knee than knee socks. And when you hear somebody say "Kiss me, I'm Irish," you'd better pucker up.

A description?
It’s medium gold colour; a light aroma of toasted oak wood, with hints of toffee and a background maltiness, gives it a rich, soft nose; in the mouth the whiskey is velvety, lush, mellow and smooth; its taste and long finish impart lingering, subtle hints of vanilla, slight maltiness, and notes of toffee. It is balanced, flavourful, easy-to-drink, and refreshing.

And Production:
Using the best grains and pure Irish spring water, Clontarf 1014 is triple-distilled, filtered through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal, and aged four years in bourbon barrels: ten percent is pot stilled single malt whiskey; the rest of the blend is a combination of pot stilled and column stilled grain whiskey. The whiskey comes from Dublin.

It’s inspiration?
Named after the famous Battle of Clontarf in 1014 where Irish High King Brian Boru sent Viking invaders tumbling back into the sea. (Ok now for the Swedes who like history) The Battle of Clontarf took place on 23 April 1014 between the forces of Brian Boru and the forces led by the King of Leinster, Mael Morda Mac Murchada composed mainly of his own men, Viking mercenaries from Dublin and the Orkney Islands led by his cousin Sigtrygg, as well as the one rebellious king from the province of Ulster. It ended in a rout of the Máel Mórda's forces, along with the death of Brian, who was killed by a few Norsemen who were fleeing the battle and stumbled upon his tent. After the battle, Ireland returned to a fractious status quo between the many small, separate kingdoms that had existed for some time.

Clontarf wants to reclaim that fighting heritage for this century to be bold and take a stand for what we believe in. They take a stand for this amazing Irish whiskey, made with the finest ingredients available. 1014 wasn't just a year, it was a turning point.

Here are some victories achieved by the whiskey to date:
Gold Medal - BTI International Review of Spirits
Gold Medal - World Beverage Competition
Money Magazine - “Field Test Winner.”
Santé Magazine - Gold Star Award

Enjoy neat or on the rocks. 40% ABV ,750ml

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