Midleton Distillery

Situated down south in Co. Cork, Midleton distillery is responsible for the majority of all Irish Whiskey produced in Ireland today. It is the Irish Distillers Group main distillery.

The distillery started life as a woollen manufacturing business in 1796. By the 1820s the buildings were lying empty until three brothers James, Daniel and Jeremiah Murphy decided that the perfect purpose for these fine buildings should be the manufacture of whiskey. Initially run as a family concern calling themselves James Murphy & Co they ultimately merged with several other distillers in the area to be come known as the Cork Distillers Company.

The Midleton Distillery had many advantages being situated in the countryside; they included the low operating overheads as opposed to those experienced by the City Distillers. A greater advantage was perhaps that Midleton boasted not only Ireland’s but the world's largest still with a capacity of 31,618 gallons.

In 1966 The Cork Distillers Company joined forces with their city rivals John Jameson and John Powers together these three formed the Irish Distillers Group. The newly formed Irish Distillers Group decided that a new all purpose distillery would be built and Midleton with its room for expansion was chosen as the site.

The opening of the new Midleton Distillery was impressive; whilst the new distillery was being built the workers continued their craft in the old distillery buildings. Then one evening in 1975 they finished work as usual and left the old distillery. The following morning they returned not to where they had left the night before but to the new distillery a few hundred metres away, from here they carried on their craft as if nothing had changed.

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