Laphroaig 40 YEAR OLD

This is produced using distilling methods first established in 1815, Laphroaig® 40 Year Old was laid down by the only lady distillers and distillery owners, Bessie Williamson.

Known and respected for her vision and love of Laphroaig, Bessie used European oak to mature this particular vintage rather than the American oak Bourbon casks which are more commonly used today.
The barrels have laid undisturbed in Warehouse No. 1, the oldest maturation building at Laphroaig, which is sited at the edge of the sea. During its 40 years in the warehouse, a percentage of the maturing whisky has been lost due to evaporation and replaced by the salt-laden air of Laphroaig Bay. The resulting rich and mellow whisky has been bottled at its original cask strength.

COLOUR The colour is a warm, bright gold

NOSE Gentle with full-bodied sweetness. Seville orange type aromas deep in the glass. Occasional honey type bouquet

BODY Full and thick

PALATE Reminiscent of sweet liquorice root, with peat and seaweed in the background. Smooth and gentle

FINISH Warming, velvety smooth and goes on and on

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