As with previous years, the Glenfiddich Malt Master, David Stewart, invited a number of nosing or tasting experts from around the world to assist him in the selection of this year’s eagerly awaited Vintage Reserve.

After two hours of deliberation, the selection panel unanimously selected cask number 4414 for bottling. It was filled with new-make Glenfiddich spirit on 7th March 1977 and has spent the last 33 years imparting deep character onto the whisky.

Commenting on the single malt, David Stewart said: “The chosen cask yielded a Glenfiddich of unusually high strength for its age but one, I am sure, collectors, connoisseurs and those with discerning taste will appreciate enormously. The delicate fruity notes that are very characteristic to Glenfiddich give way to distinctive dried fruits, spicy sherried and oaky flavours, which are indicative of the 31 years spent in European oak. The selection panel can be very proud of their work.”

David Stewart’s Tasting Notes
Colour Dark amber
Nose - A rich and complex aroma with deep, sherry notes (raisins, dates, sultanas) and a beautiful oaky sweetness. Addition of a little water releases a vibrant spicy character with hints of vanilla, butterscotch and polished leather.
Taste- A wonderful balance of rich oak notes and sweet, fruity spice. Initially very intense with lots of oak tannin and mouth-coating wood flavour. After a few minutes a subtle vanilla sweetness and gentle fruity character develops (baked apple, rhubarb, ripe pears). The layers of flavour continue to unfold over a very long period meandering from oak to sweet to fruity to spicy and back again.

Finish- Very long and lingering with a warm, sweet afterglow.
ABV 54.1%, 482 70cl bottles packaged in a solid oak presentation box.

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